Manners and cautions when you climb a mountain in Japan


I am a Japanese woman.

My hobbies are climbing and trail running.

When I’m writing this, I can not go because I am pregnant but …

I have the 1st grade of Japanese original certification called mountain knowledge certification.

My husband is aiming for a Japanese mountain guide.

I mostly climb the mountains of Japan.

Other than Japan, I have been to the mountains of Switzerland and New Zealand.

When you climb a mountain in Japan.

I will write what you need to know.


Japanese mountain toilet

Japan’s mountain toilets are generally dirty.
Tourist sites such as Mt. Takao should be rather beautiful.
However, most of the mountain toilets are dirty and stinky.

There are places without toilet paper.
So you should have a tissue.

Be careful as you may need a tip.
Restrooms are in mountain huts and are included in the price if staying in tents.

Japanese mountain huts are narrow

Japanese mountain huts are narrower than European huts.
So when I go to bed I’m close to the next person.

If you don’t keep quiet, you get angry.

Most are barefoot!

There is no shower.
Sometimes there is a hot spring.

Check in by 3pm.
Please contact me if you can be late.
You will be angry when you arrive at night.

Japan’s mountain weather is difficult

The weather in Japan’s mountains is difficult.
Because it is a special terrain surrounded by the sea.

Always ask the local Japanese about the weather before climbing.

Take rain wear even if the weather is fine.

Garbage is brought home

Garbage is taken home in Japan’s mountains.

Only those bought in the mountain hut can receive empty cans.

Have plenty of water.

When you go to the mountains of Japan, bring more water.
Because we can not always supply it.

There may be a water place.
There are also cases where they are sold for a fee in a mountain hut.

Say hello to passing people

When I’m in the mountains I say hello to passing people.
“KONICHIWA” is OK, but it is OK in Hallo.

You may remember when you were in trouble.

Don’t get lost

Be sure to prepare a map.
There is a place where the signboard is hard to understand.

Japan’s mountains are lost even in low mountains.
The lower mountain is worse.

If you get lost, turn back.
Never go down.
Aim to the top and climb back.

If there is a mountain climbing report at the entrance of the mountain trail, take it out.
Your name and contacts.
Write where and when to go down when and where.
It will be a clue when you are in distress.

It is often cold in the mountains at night even in summer.
Be careful with hypothermia when you are in distress!

The Japanese police is 119.


Japanese mountains are dangerous for black bears and boars.
You should wear a bear bell.

Because Hokkaido has a brown bear, be more careful!

If I meet, I can not stimulate myself.
Take your back slowly without showing your back.

It is said that there are no bears in Kyushu, but …

There are thunderbirds in the Japanese Alps.
Don’t take it because it’s a natural monument!

You should not do perfume.
You may be stabbed by a bee!

Have a fun mountain trip!

Japanese think that the mountain is god.
So do not be rude to the mountains.
That’s why there are many places that are not converted to tourist destinations like Europe.
It may be inconvenient.

Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Have a safe and enjoyable journey!